Roses by Type

Generally, there are five main categories of roses. They are Bush Roses (*which can be sub-divided into Floribunda and Hybrid Tea), Patio & Miniature Roses, Ground Cover Roses, Shrub or Historic Roses, and finally, Climbers & Ramblers.

* Floribunda is Latin for “many-flowering” and usually blooms are produced in sprays, while Hybrid Teas bear their flowers singly at the end of long stems, making them a popular choice for cutting.

Bush roses are all your normal types of roses that would be used for planting in beds and borders and mixing in with herbaceous plants and shrubs.
Patio and Miniature roses with neat, bushy growth and smaller flowers are ideal for growing in containers or at the front of the border. Height varies from 12cm to 30cm.
Ground Cover Roses are, generally, wider than they are tall and characterised by having smaller blooms which repeat freely. Height can vary between 30cm to 80cm.
Shrub/Historic Roses encompass all the old and historic garden roses which grow into large shrubs and add some stunning colour and form to the mixed shrub border. Many were bred more than 100 years ago by royal gardeners and passionate rose growers.
Climbing Roses usually have large blooms, the ability to repeat flower and are of stout growth. Nearly all require support and training.
Rambling Roses are more pliable in growth than climbers, have a lax habit and generally only flower once.