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Option: Potted
Colour:Carmine pink
Fragrance Level:3
Garden Rating:2
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Also known as the Apothocary's Rose. Carmine pink, semi double blooms in mid-summer. Will tolerate poorer soils.
Gallica officinalis is also known as The Apothecary's Rose and is a small, bushy, erect shrub with matt greyish-green foliage and profuse, carmine pink, highly fragrant blooms in early summer, followed by small, red, oval hips in autumn. Will tolerate poor soils.
A rose of great antiquity, officinalis was introduced into France from the Middle East by crusaders in the 13th century, later to be adopted by England's House of Lancaster. As its old name suggests, it was widely used by early apothecarys when making cosmetics, medicines and culinary items.

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